Nadsat talk

Well, well, well, viddy real horrorshow, O brothers. Appypolly loggy  for all the chepooka, for Your Humble Narrator is loveted in nadsat language and stand back! for Im going bezoomy with choodesny news! My litso is all over the gazetta with reviews on our sladky sladky sladky circus show.

That, my droogies, is none other than my chellovek Shane in his interpretation of Master of Doom! ho ho ho guff your gullivers off! The malchik is a clown. On the background you can viddy real horrowshow Your Humble Narrator, making a nazz of herself. Sarky sarky sarky lewdies, ’tis was zammechat.

Have a real dobby picture of Dave Vanian to finish this cal off.

Horrorshow voloss and goloss! Love The Damned, O my brothers!

It’s nochy, lewdies, I leave you to your Oozhassny consciense.




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