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Nadsat talk

Well, well, well, viddy real horrorshow, O brothers. Appypolly loggy  for all the chepooka, for Your Humble Narrator is loveted in nadsat language and stand back! for Im going bezoomy with choodesny news! My litso is all over the gazetta with reviews on our sladky sladky sladky circus show.

That, my droogies, is none other than my chellovek Shane in his interpretation of Master of Doom! ho ho ho guff your gullivers off! The malchik is a clown. On the background you can viddy real horrowshow Your Humble Narrator, making a nazz of herself. Sarky sarky sarky lewdies, ’tis was zammechat.

Have a real dobby picture of Dave Vanian to finish this cal off.

Horrorshow voloss and goloss! Love The Damned, O my brothers!

It’s nochy, lewdies, I leave you to your Oozhassny consciense.




Old Cookies

I was sitting in the bus today, doing my usual thing: listening to a mix of Soft Cell, NMA and The Chameleons, my head thinking of the book Im currently reading (it’s called We by Zamyatin, Yevgeny, go get it!) when I see a very old lady trying to fix her hair in a frantic. I supressed a laugh, since her calics obviously were not going to behave. Her hair was completely gray and regretful of years of damage and neglect. She was wearing two sets of glasses. One for reading, and the other to protect her ancient eyes of the sun. Her mouth did small spasms as she realized the hair battle was lost.

Then…she did something that made my day. She reached for her purse, took out a white tissue, neatly unfolded it, and revealed 3 cookies. Slowly, she turned to the little girl next to her, smiled, and offered her one.  Then she gave the other one to the girl’s mother, and the last one to a really tough looking guy sitting in front of her, who refused it for mere image.

Who doesnt want a cookie? Seriously.

Anyway, it just made me smile the way her eyes lit up when the little girl ate her cookie, and how nothing else in the world mattered to her, not the calic, not the multiple glasses, nothing but to make a couple people around her happy.


It’s just the beggining!

Hello, hello!

Since Im not gifted in the html department as Tien, this post wont be as colorful and flashy as hers ;p
What to say? I suffer from Peter Pan complex aswell! And I also happen to be a:
INFP – “Questor”. High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
I think that and Tien’s, sums up the reason for us creating this blog. We care, we believe and we’ll always be ourselves.
I came to this world in July 28, 1989, and I probably did a forward roll out of my mom!
Im a circus artist in training. My goal is to be able to remind people what it is like to dream ^^
To me, the human race is divided in two: Artists, and the rest.  
Humans forget so easily their ability to be amazed, to imagine, to remember what it was like to believe everything was possible and when facts were silly. As they reach that point, they become jaded and cynical, mere machines…color bars. Artists on the other hand, are still alive, the only untainted humans left, striving to wake the others up.

Anyway, c’est moi!
My hair’s currently purple though ;>

Tien and I kinda live in our own little world…And this blog will show peaks on how it is to live there
So…it starts now! :D