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Little Black Bird.

Some months ago I found a little black bird in our shed.. somehow it flew in there and was stuck.
One wing was injured.. I think the bird had a rough time with our neighbours cat..
So I gave it food and tried my best to heal that wing..
I thought it was amazing that after a while the bird wasn’t scared of me.
After a little bit more than a week the bird could use his wings properly again and I let it fly away..
Since that day I threw everyday some bread in our yard.. mainly for that bird if it would ever come back..
So I did that same thing today while I was eating breakfast in our yard and one little black bird came and ate the bread…
I threw the bread closer and closer to me, the bird kept comming closer and closer..
The bird wasn’t scared.. almost as it was used to that bread, our yard and used to me..
Once I held the bird in my hands I knew it was the same bird I found in our shed some months ago..
I think it’s pretty cool how animals can get used to people and be their friends..
And if I could choose what animal I’d want to be..
It would definitely be a bird, one free bird..
Spreading my wings and flying to wherever my wings would bring me.
Something we truly can call freedom.

Tien ♥.